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For more than 10 years, clients from all over the world have chosen to work with Alar Studios.
Recommendation and reputation are our greatest advertisements.

Our company is more than just an outsourced software developer – we are a true tech partner for our customers, ready to tackle even the most complex challenges. We’re comfortable working with the biggest corporations and the freshest start-ups, as well as developing our own projects.
Most of our clients have been working with us for at least 3 years.

Your goals, our implementation

We believe there’s no such thing as an unattainable goal.

With every project we find the best way to balance the client’s priorities – budget, timeframe, risk – and deliver an optimal outcome, tailor-made for the client’s needs.

Our aim is always to deliver the results that our clients expect, so we always work from the anticipated duration of the project and calculate the fee based on the hourly rate for our experts. We don’t establish a fixed price up front.

Arnold Mingin

We are always in close contact with the client at every stage of the project and are quick to respond to ever changing requirements.

Some clients ask us to work within their established requirements, or they only need help in one specific area. Our skilled hands can deliver the work at a proven level of quality and reliability in close collaboration with the client’s management.

Arnold Mingin
“Our confidence in our abilities is reinforced by the highly professional team at Alar Studios and our experience of delivering complex projects in different technological and business areas for clients from the USA, Europe, South Korea and other countries”.

We can offer our clients a full cycle of tech support, 24x7x365, that goes beyond application hotfixes to include building and supporting an entire IT infrastructure.

We provide solutions for heavy workloads and horizontal scalability.

When the goal demands something more than “industry-standard” solutions, we develop proprietary, custom-made server solutions.


Our business processes meet all expectations for enterprise projects.

We work with our clients to agree a project that meets all needs concerning terms and risks. At every stage, task trackers record each step taken by us and the client.

Proprietary Servers
Dev Ops
High Load
Smart heads, skilled hands, brave solutions!


Web Applications

Large-scale web apps with powerful functionality and rich and dynamic UI, fully incorporating business logic.

Browser based games

HTML5 games in 2D or 3D, including real-time and multi-user games, some built with a Newtonian physics engine.
Web GL

Mobile Apps

Any kind of mobile app, including the use of unique and custom programming solutions.
Android SDK

Mobile Games

Our in-house optimized game engine delivers high quality graphics and fast gameplay while minimizing power consumption. We also work with industry-standard game engines.
Unity 3D


Complex infrastructure projects. DSP, network appliances.
Network appliances
Real-time OS

Integrated solutions

Bespoke, fault-tolerant integrated solutions for business and technical processes.



C, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, ActionScript, CoffeeScript, SQL

Web technologies

HTML5, CSS3, Less, HAML, Angular.js, Backbone.js, React.js, Flask, Django, WebGL, XML


Cocoa Touch, Android SDK, Unity

Data engines

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, CouchDB, ElasticSearch

Operating systems

Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, iOS, Android, Windows


AWS, Virtualization, TCP/IP, Routers, Firewalls, IDS (Intrustion Detection Systems)

Other technologies

OpenGL, Vulkan, WebGL, Metal, Canvas (HTML5), Git, Celery, Redis, Ansible, RxJava, Bullet, ODE, Box2D, SVG (HTML5),
JSON, BSD sockets, kqueue/epoll, pthreads and many others

Men behind the magic

Arnold Mingin

With 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, Arnold has followed a path from sys-admin and developer to IT entrepreneur. Sixteen years ago he co-founded the company behind some of the innovative projects at leading global reinsurer SwiftRe.

He has varied experience of developing complex projects from scratch: creating ISPs and payment systems, developing in-house hardware security systems and proprietary solutions. Arnold is an IT-security expert. In recent years he has brought Alar Studios back to its roots as a software development outsourcing company.

Vitaly Brazhens
Senior Web Developer

A long-time colleague of our CEO, Arnold Mingin, Vitaly has vast experience in developing complex software solutions and creating telecoms, network and security systems.

In recent years he has gone deep into web development – HTML/CSS, JavaScript. He is one of the pioneers of HTML5 games using Canvas, WebGL, Box2D and web animation.

Dmitry Kruk
Project Manager

Dmitry has 10 years’ experience in software development. For much of that time he has concentrated on games – including MMO – and mobile apps such as the ones he developed for McDonald’s Russia.

He is a highly skilled expert in ActionScript (Flash), Java and Objective-C. Extensive experience in development of complex and modern iOS and Android applications.

Team Member
Senior Software Developer

Other team members have experience in a lot a of different areas: mobile development, game development, high load application development and deployment, game development, desktop application development, hardware design, math experts, data analysis experts, AI researchers, etc.

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Technical writer


Production of technical documentation (arch, user guides), UML, DDLC, FDA, Regulatory

Web front-end developer

Short tech stack:

JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML5, CSS, Less, Backbone.js

Android developer

Short tech stack:

Java, Android SDK, REST, Git


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