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Proceed to a vacancies list and choose one which fits best to your experience and skills. Please take in account that we are looking for smart professionals, open to interaction with team and ready to learn more.

Drop a line or even a cover letter to our HR and attach your latest CV. Be ready to implement a test task. Show your best to get a first impression bonus. Implementation time is important as well as quality.

Let’s talk. This is all about you – experience, achievements, expectations. Face- to-face conversation with your future team-lead and one of the managers. Let’s check that we’re on the same wavelength.

Get an offer… and make a decision. Congratulations! Everything further will be fun, easy and exciting. Follow the white rabbit – our highly assisted relocation.

Time to move…

We provide an assisted relocation. Most passports do not require a visa in advance. The most complicated step for you is to get your local airport. There is already a ticket booked for you. Have a pleasant flight.

We’ll meet you in airport and get to the ready-for-living flat located in 10 minutes from the office by walk.

All the paperwork is on us. You will get a work permit and the appropriate residency docs. We have a dedicated person to help you with non-work-related questions at any time, in addition to our strong community.

  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Monaco
  • Italy
Welcome onboard

Our work space is a fresh built two-floor open-space. Your neighbors are open-minded, communicative professionals, who is looking to strive more as a team. We take care a lot about things like spacing, insolation, ventilation, air-condition- ing, drinking water supplier, and of course cookies, milk and even selection of the best of Italian coffee. It’s going without saying that you!ll get a brand-new PC and a comfort chair to do your best.

We have an open mic stage where everyone can share their experience or learn from others. Trainings, courses, books – we provide everything for your productivity and developing. All the team-leaders and managers are grown within the company, starting as developers, learned, proved their competence and showed leadership skills. You could be the next – it’s up to you.

Besides of simple tasks to be implemented, you’ll be facing against the first-time existing challenges, requiring your cognitive, thinking, problem-solving and analytic skills. But you’re not alone – we are believe that cooperation is key.

Painless onboarding to our ecosystem, including how-to’s manuals and person in charge to involve you in our workflow.
  • 400 euro/month A one-bedroom apartment
  • 15 euro Average restaurant bill
  • 288 days Sunny weather
Living in Montenegro

Breathtaking views, Clean environment and friendly citizens. Adriatic beach in 10-minute walk and snowy mountains an hour away by car. Locally produced meats and veg's and affordable restaurants.

Rent of an apartment (one-room + living area + kitchen) is about 400 euro/month. A two-bedroom is about 400 euro/month. You can choose an apartment depending on your needs.

One more thing – we are for families. We help them move, get children into a subsidized daycare or school. Spouses have priority in hiring.

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